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reported at a fundraiser. he says those statements are clarifying for voters and we'll explain coming up next. and also ahead this morning, back to work and back to class after seven days out of the classroom, teachers and students finally go back to school, so what does it take to get them there? those stories are straight ahead. of course we're working on some breaking news. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. lauren is very busy with traffic, and, of course, lynette is always busy with the weather, especially after yesterday. it was wild. but you say that's in the past. >> it is. it's in the past as of now. but we had a lot of damage out there, megan. >>reporter: i couldn't believe how hard it was raining. it was so loud in bel aire yesterday. >> is it dpon? >> yes, it is, it's pushing out. we still have a few lingering showers along the eastern shower, light in nature. maybe just a few sprinkles. you can see what i'm talking about around caroline county, talbot county, that's what we're looking at this morning. other than that we are nice and dry. we are dealing with a lot of cloud cover this morning. as we look at easton, that's the wet weather, herlock,
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heading towards federalsburg. this will be headed out of here and then we will be seeing improving conditions in terms of drying out. we still have the cloud cover, but then that will gradually move out of here as well. we will get some sunshine as we move throughout the day, slowly, but we will get it. 60 in arnold, bethesda at 69 degrees, those northwest winds drying us out. here's the hour--by-hour forecast as we head into lunchtime, 72 degrees with partly cloudy skies. let's get a check of time saver traffic with lauren cook. you have some breaking news to talk about? >>reporter: a two-alarm house fire on loadstone way. you will want to expect road closures in the area. linda stow is on the scene right now. she will bring you a live report coming up in just a few minutes. if you are using some of the main lines this morning, the jfx will be nice and clear heading downtown. you're looking at an 11-minute ride overall from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. fortunately everything will remain up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harford tunnel.
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here's a look at 95 downtown at 395. nothing to get in your way, not too much activity, but you will be nice and clear if you are headed out to 95 this morning. megan, over to you. news time right now 5:32. we are following some breaking news for you this morning this. is coming out of baltimore city. lauren just mentioned it as a traffic headache if you are traveling in that area. this is also a big news story because six people including a child have been rushed to the hospital this morning following a fire at an apartment building. firefighters right now are battling the flames at 5003 load stone way which is in northeast baltimore. we're told that the fire is on the second and the third floors. again, six people taken to the hospital, including a child. right now we don't know the extent of their injuries, but we are on top of this story. we have a reporter headed to the scene, if she's not there already. stay with us, we'll continue to stay on top of this story, not only on air, but on police right now calling it a random murder, an nih researcher killed and this happened near his northeast
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baltimore home. dr. peter marvet, he was found by by his car on monday night, shot multiple times. investigators say he just parked that car and was going home to see his family when this happened. police were back out on the scene at chesterfield avenue, near hering park run yesterday stopping cars and passing out crime stopper flyers. >> this is an individual that has given quite a lot to society and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime and it's atypical for the community that it happened. >> police right now are looking for your help. they're hoping that somebody knows something and will say something to them to solve this case. right now there is a $2000 reward. you can call crime stoppers. we're going to give you the number, it's also on your screen, 866-7-lockup if you have any information. anne arundel county police this morning trying to find a man accused of touching himself outside of an elementary school. this all happened while day care was in session and the
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sports teams, they were actually outside practicing. abc 2 news' sherree johnson is here with the details on how you can help police find this guy. sheree. >>reporter: well, megan, we're live here in millersville at anne arundel county police headquarters here where authorities are still investigating this case, and yet they need the public's help to try to find this guy. thisall happened monday night somewhere around 6:00 in the evening near seven oaks elementary school in anne arundel county while day care was still in session and community sports teams were still practicing, police say a man committed a lewd act. now surveillance camera captured the man acting suspicious. police released these pictures of the suspect. school was not in session during this incident, but authorities want to find this person. county police also have a new initiative called operation cotter that will help deal with situations just like this. and it's all very uneasy for parents. >> we would have no idea how long the individual has been there, and so they could have been there during school hours
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and we just don't know about it. >>reporter: we are told that police have surveillance video, they also have still pictures of the suspect. but, again, they are asking for the public's help. if you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call 411-222-6155. reporting live in millersville, sherree johnson, abc 2 news. 5:35 right now. the chicago teachers strike, it is over and students will be back in class today. 800 union officers and delegates voted on tuesday to end the strike after seven days of no school. so the strike may be over, however, the contract still not finalized. the entire 21,000-member union still has to approve it. teachers walked off the job in september on the 10th, objecting to a longer school day and evaluations tied to student performance. the full contract deal has yet to be released but we'll keep you posted on it. an ohio man set to die by lethal injection for killing a woman back in the 1980s,
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however, ronald post is fighting to stop his execution with his lawyers, saying that he is too fat to be executed. without extra pain and suffering. the death row inmate, he weighs nearly 500 pounds. people in the town where this happened are pretty upset about the court filing. >> what does that got to do with it? he still did it. he's still the same guy if he weighed 1,000 pounds. he's still the same guy. he killed a girl, there's no doubt about it, shot her in the head for $100. they should have executed him years ago. >> oo -- other obese death row inmates like post have tried to claim troubles with lethal injection in the past. so far those have not been honored, at leave in ohio. post is scheduled to be executed in january. we're hearing more from the mom who sparked a huge debate around the country about breastfeeding. you may remember this. she was nursing her toddler and it was on the cover of time magazine. it's been nearly four months since this famous cover hit the
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newsstands and now jamie lee grummet, she is saying that e was unhappy with the photo as well as the article. she wants to set the record straight. she's doing it all over again. grummet took photos for a nonprofit magazine, it's called pathways to family wellness and breastfeeding her now 4-year- old son. >> my intentions were to try to help relieve the stigma attached to breastfeeding past infancy and the photo i saw wasn't one that we were trying to post and made me really, really sad. >> grummet herself was breastfeed until the age of 6. stay with us this morning because politics seem to be increasing into every single aspect of our lives, tv, radio, now at happy hour? a new presidential brew. we're going to tell you more about this. does it lean right or left? also ahead this morning, cleaning up in the nation's capital, that's what they're going to be doing today. we'll show you just how hard
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some areas were hit by yesterday's storms.
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thanks for joining us this morning. look at those people in the district of colombia cleaning up this morning. that's because of the storm
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yesterday, fast and furious. you saw it here, trees down everywhere. and this happened all over the area, especially around the spbs of d.c. you couldn't even get down certain streets in the northwest part of the capital. the capitol beltway, you can see right there, bumper to bumper. pg county, montgomery county, they did have a tornado warning, however, it was canceled after about 10 minutes. but if you were looking out the window at work or maybe even your living room, pretty nervous eyes right there, lynette, because it was scary. i know you said it was coming, but, wow! >> it was scary. we can warn you, but it's always going to be nerve wracking to know that a storm that potentially is going to be bringing severe weather with it. and this is what we had yesterday, storm reports in new carrollton, trees down, westminster, poles down, rockville, i-270 flooding. in fredrick we had major flooding across that area. as we look at some of these dots here, we look at the blue dots, basically wind damage across carrollton, we can see that at 255 was reported. basically all these blue dots are where you are seeing some
5:42 am
damage from winds yesterday. but for today we're not dealing with that. we are clearing out nicely. we just have a few showers along the eastern shore that will be outta here this morning. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we continue to follow breaking news in northeast ploor. there's a two-alarm house fire on load stone way. linda stow will bring you a live report coming up in just a few minutes from the scene. if you are traveling in the area, stick with coneet way or parkside drive as your alternate routes. you are taking a live rook right now of the top side of the beltway. in towson a nice easy ride from valley road all the way to 83. megan, over to you. drivers look out because cameras are watching you on the road. we're not just talking about speeding cameras that you need to look out for now, we're talking about stopping as well. we'll explain what that's all about. it is the dance craze everybody is copying, the song that you just can't get out of your head. we are going to show you the latest gang style impersonators and they're not too far from
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mitt romney continues to clarify and defend his secretly- recorded comments all about the electorate. this is from a fundraiser in may. now, meanwhile president obama getting his take on the whole thing and the relative of a
5:46 am
former president explains his role. here's ed payne reporting. >>reporter: on david letterman tuesday night, president obama weighed in on mitt romney's controversial remarks. >> when i won in 2008, 47% of the american people voted for john mccain, they didn't vote for me, and what i said on election night was even though you didn't vote for me, i hear your voices, and i'm going to work as hard as i can to be your president. >>reporter: on monday secretly- recorded clips of romney speaking to a campaign fundraiser were released on the website of the left-leaning magazine mother jones. >> there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent, who believe they are victims, who believe that the government has a responsibility to care for them. >>reporter: romney explained the comments at a news conference late monday and then on fox news tuesday. >> of course we were talking about a campaign and how he's going to get to close half the
5:47 am
vote, i'm going to get half the vote approximately. i hope i get to 50.1% or more. and, frankly, we have two very different views about america. >>reporter: and former president jimmy carter's grandson says he was the middleman bejones and the person who made the secret recording. james e. carter, iv like his grandfather is a democrat. >> a lot of my twitter followers have been saying that this is -- it's poetic justice that a carter was the one that had helped to get out this video that's given the romney campaign so much trouble and i agree with that. >>reporter: i'm ed payne reporting. how about this? the political message vote inside oklahoma can now drink their support for their favorite presidential candidate. no-bama brew. it is for sale at a liquor store in broken arrow, oklahoma. it's made by a brewing company in oklahoma city. now, the store owner says it's
5:48 am
become pretty popular. >> they laugh about it and then they buy one of them for their friends or buddies that may not be in the same belief as they are, you know, but it's gone over pretty good. i think it's really neat. >> a pint of no-bama brew costs about $8. five things you may want to know as you head out the door this morning. george zimmerman, documents in his trial going to be released to the public. he's accused, as you may remember, of killing trayvon martin. he maintains his innocence, says he shot the teen in self defense. today the governor helps kick off the pitch across maryland bus tour. the bus is covered in the state flag and it puts the spotlight on entrepreneurs in baltimore. endeavour going to be delayed two days by weather, well, now it is scheduled to finally take off this morning. the shuttle will be piggybacking on a boeing 747 all the way to its final stop where it will be on display at the california science center. kohl's right now betting on a big holiday season with
5:49 am
plans to hire 10% more seasonal employees than the year before. now, the retailer said it would be hiring nearly 53,000 exees for the holiday season. the holiday will be run -- the hiring will be running through mid november. today is international talk like a pirate day. this guy appears to be doing it everyday. this is the 10th anniversary of the holiday dave barry mentioned. this is a nationally syndicated newspaper column in 2002, bringing it to people's attention, national talk like a pirate day, september 19th. drivers in washington d.c. look out because cameras are going to be watching you on the road and we're not just talking about speeding cameras. you also need to completely stop as well. the nation's capital starting this all. they're going to be following the lead of california. when photo enforced, they've had stop signs breaking in through the area. so washington d.c. gearing up to install they say about 16 stop sign cameras by the end of the year, mostly at
5:50 am
intersections near schools. run through one of these and it's going to cost you. we're talking about thrrs 50. so before those cameras are installed, d.c. officials say they'll give residents a 30-day warning period about stopping through stop signs. something to keep in mind. the korean pop music video "gang em style" has gone viral. everybody seems to be doing it, including mid shipmen. take a look at this, they're getting in on the action. >> navel academy students, there they go, posting this video on youtube, dancing in front of their dorms and on top of campus. the campus dock. you can see students make these spirit videos. this happens the week leading up to a football game. i think they've got some moves. the video comes ahead of this weekend's game against bmi. what do you think, lynette? i've seen you come into the studio doing that. they look good, don't they? >> they look so good. i mean, a man in uniform is
5:51 am
already good. >> i know. but dancing? >> they look really, really good. i was going to try it, but i can't be as good as them, so i'm not even going to do it. i'm going to go right to the weather. let's talk about what's going on right now because we do still have some clouds out there, but that clearing line is getting ever so closer to us. it's already in western maryland, clearing out there. s really dropping off. manchester coming in at 64 degrees. 60 in davidsonville now. easton at 62 and 61 in goldsboro. those temperatures will fall down as we go throughout the day. wind speed and direction, very important because they're out of the northwest, that's a drying wind, and then we are going to be breezy behind that cold front as well for today. so be prepared for that. it's going to feel a little bit on the coolish side. now, we look at tropical storm nadine. you're, like, wow, tropical storm nadine is still there? yes. it's still spinning out into the atlantic. not a threat to the u.s. whatsoever. but we do have this other little disturbance trying to get its act together, but it only has about a 10% chance of becoming a tropical system
5:52 am
within the next 48 hours, so we don't have to deal with that, and it's definitely some good news. but for today that temperature at 72 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are following breaking news in northeast baltimore. there's a two-alarm house fire on load stone way. it will be shut down due to the fire activity. if you are traveling in the area, use commack way. six adults and one child have been injured. linda stow will bring you a live report in a few minutes. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no delays, it will be nice and clear from 95 down to east fayette street. everything will be up to speed traveling through the tunnels. if you are headed out to the southwest koarp of the beltway, here's a live look at wilkins avenue. you'll notice no delays whatsoever. it will be a nice easy ride traveling from 795 all the way down to 95. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, over to you. six babies at once. quite a lot, but one family, they say they are thrilled to finally have them home.
5:53 am
we're going to introduce you to the sextuplets and we'll look at what took the whole crew so long to finally be together. [ harry umlaut ] i speak european you know. [ sally umlaut ] uh-huh.
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thanks for joining us this morning. a texas couple was able to take home the last of their sextuplets this week. the six babies were born in april, several weeks premature. lia perkins, the smallest one, she had a long 4 1/2-month journey. she went through a couple of major surgeries from intestinal issues and she still needs to have some tube feeding. but now they say she is doing just fine. >> we could not survive without all the help that we get. i mean, words can't describe how grateful we are. >> it took a team of 35 doctors to deliver those six babies. the parents say they are so happy to finally have their whole family home. stay with us this morning. more than 200 flights have been canceled and there are plans to cancel even more. why so many american airlines planes right now are grounded. we have the details on this this morning and how it could affect your travel. plus how long would you wait in line for a phone? we're going to take a look at some people who say it is never
5:57 am
too early to line up. [ female announcer ] born from the naturally sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. the rich, sweet taste of sugar. nothing artificial. ♪ it's all that sweet ever needs to be. new nectresse. sweetness naturally.
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a researcher at the national institute of health shot to death. we're going to tell you what police know about the former professor, his murder investigation going on this morning. parents, this will make you cringe, a man accused of touching

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